What state is the best for a landscaping business?

Connect with professional-oriented talent in 57 industry-specific communities. Not only does the Sunshine State have the highest number of cities in the top 20, but Orlando is in first place in the overall ranking. In Orlando, one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, 10.17 out of every 1000 jobs are dedicated to gardening, the only city with a double-digit number. Van Bourgondien wanted to see in which cities there were more people actively working in gardening work.

Van Bourgondien wanted to find the cities in the United States where working conditions were the best for landscape workers, focusing on factors such as wage, climate, demand and more. It's also worth noting that cold-climate cities appear on this list much more often, and it's hard to argue against the idea that garden workers in places like Minneapolis, Hartford, and Milwaukee deserve a little more for working outside in places with winters that can be long and harsh. California tends to be the best state in the West to start a lawn care business because its residential and commercial properties cost a lot of money and require lawn and garden services. If you're surprised to see Michigan on a list of top states for gardening work, you shouldn't be. However, summers are prone to drought across the state, making it difficult to develop regular mowing and gardening schedules.

Van Bourgondien researched data on seven different factors, including the cost of living, quality of life, gardeners' salaries and employment availability, as well as weather and climate data from 50 of the largest cities in the United States. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the team calculated how many gardening jobs there are per 1000 workers in each city. To conduct their full analysis, they collected data on seven different factors, including cost and quality of life, factors related to gardeners' compensation and availability of employment, as well as weather and climate data. With subdivisions filled with manicured lawns, acres of vineyards and some of the most famous national parks in the U.S. In the U.S., California is a great state for young professionals to start their gardening careers.

While several California cities have large numbers of garden workers, Florida has the highest number of cities in the top 20, with four. Of Agriculture has the highest number of jobs in gardening, followed closely by BrightView and Bemus Landscape, Inc. There are a lot of commercial landscapers in Hawaii, due to the resorts and tourist attractions that must be maintained year-round. Whether you're looking for seasonal gardening jobs in the United States or year-round opportunities, you should start by looking for gardening jobs in these locations.