What are pros and cons of being a landscaper?

Perks of being a landscape designer · 1.Work outside (if you like) · 2.Nature is good for well-being · 3.Exercise is good for the body · 4.Use your creativity, advantages of being a landscape designer · Short training periods · Cons of being a landscape designer. For a gardening company to get off the ground, it would need to consider how to differentiate itself from potential local competitors that already have a strong position in the game.

Others might try to convince you to do tasks outside your specialty, such as building a gazebo, even if you've told them that you don't do construction, but only gardening and land design.

If you like the idea of working outside with plants, but you're more inspired by a wild environment than a landscaped lawn, you could look for a job as a forest worker or of conservation.

Gaining work experience as a landscape designer can satisfy you even if you continue as a worker and do not decide to dedicate yourself to garden design.

However, you should always consider the pros and cons of any occupation, such as gardening, before committing to it for the long term.

Like landscapers, forestry and conservation workers generally only need a high school diploma to work, and on-the-job training is common, starting with basic tasks how to plant trees.