What age are most gardeners?

Many sources also state that the typical gardener in the UK is a white, middle-class woman, over 55 years old. The average age of the gardener has increased over the past 20 years, which could be due to several reasons. What gender are the majority of UK gardeners? Which age group grows the most orchards? Do Millennials Enjoy Gardening? In a survey conducted by gardening tool supplier Fiskars, researchers concluded that the average age for gardening and focusing attention on outdoor spaces was 41 years. Surprisingly, 75% of millennials say they like gardening and spend an average of two hours a week caring for their plants.

The data was collected in 5,630 households and also revealed that people over 74 years of age began to spend less on gardening products than people in their lower age category. However, those who have a garden in London have a much smaller outdoor space, with an average of 140 m², while Scots get the best deal, with an average size of 226 m². During the pandemic, an overwhelming 93% of women were gardening more often, and a fifth of them were young women between 18 and 24 years old. The census revealed that, on average, gardens in the London area are up to 26% smaller than those in the rest of the United Kingdom.

But have you ever wondered what percentage of the population actually has access to an orchard and how many of them actively grow their own edible products? Finally, even the youngest demographic group, those aged 16 to 24, shows a significant interest in gardening, as it represents 31.2% of the population. In Greater London, where the average house price is over 666,000 pounds sterling at the time of writing, nearly 1 in 5 lacks a garden of some kind. Ross Robinson has been working in interior design for more than five years and six years as marketing director at an award-winning luxury design company.