What are the 4 categories of landscaping?

Whether you undertake your project alone or work with a landscape contractor, all the elements of your home landscape must complement each other. LINE: The lines can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or curved. Lines are used in landscape designs to accentuate an object, control movement, or draw attention to a focal point, such as a fire pit or a water feature. A walkway or garden path with a direct path to a focal point will naturally draw a person to that area.

On the contrary, a meandering walkway will create a sense of surprise. You don't need to fly to a remote island to enjoy the tropical environment. You can recreate them for your own backyard gardening project with lush greenery and bold colors. If the climate allows it, palm trees, birds of paradise, hibiscus flowers, bougainvillea, orchids and jasmine are representative of a tropical getaway.

There are also tropical touches that you can add to any growing area. A hammock that swings in the breeze, a pool or hot tub with a waterfall to level up the tiki statues and torches, bamboo details, a fire pit and brightly colored outdoor furniture are functional even in less tropical climates. Preparing an exclusive cocktail at a backyard tiki bar is optional. If your idea of an ideal getaway is a cozy cabin in the woods, consider a woodland landscaping style.

This type of landscape design is an excellent choice for a low-maintenance option; forest trees, shrubs, and flowers can be allowed to grow in due time with little human interference. As for structural additions, stone paths, wooden benches and decorative or functional aviaries help create a forest feel. If tall trees aren't your thing, consider recreating a prairie landscape with tall grasses and flowering herbaceous plants. Witch grass, which is native to the plains of the southwestern United States.

UU. A desert-style landscape doesn't mean a drab one. Desert landscaping can be a low-maintenance option that requires little maintenance and water. Succulents are, of course, essential; cacti, aloe and yuca are traditional desert accessories.

To add color, consider desert-tolerant plants such as begonia, autumnal sage, and yellow aquiline; certain types of succulents can also give color. It has been a leader in the construction, maintenance and management of garden water. We can see mountains, with narrow rivers, forests, villages and steep roads, flat landscapes. We can see flat terrain, wide rivers, farms, cities and roads, coastal landscapes.

We can see cliffs, the sea and tourist cities. Having a tropical landscape that complements your home is also a good decision if you want your property to stand out even more.